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Korg PadKontrol MIDI Studio Controller

Korg PadKontrol MIDI Studio Controller

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The Korg PadKontrol is a professional MIDI controller that comes equipped with 16 dynamic performances pads that are great for organic drum and percussion performances as well as a fully assignable X/Y pad that offers natural-sounding flams and rolls, and a pair of assignable knob controls that allow you to perform using your virtual instruments and MIDI audio sources with creativity and flair. The PadKontrol can be used for both studio and on-stage applications making it an excellent choice for producers and performers alike thanks to the wealth of control options and intuitive layout.

The PadKontrol’s 16 performance pads allow you to perform expressive drum and percussion grooves as well as send control change messages, and even work as transport controls for your DAW. Each individual pad can be used to send either a control change or note message, pads assigned to control changes will remain backlit in Play mode giving you a visual indication of their status. The velocity-sensitive pads provide you with eight velocity curves that will match any playing style; each pad can be assigned to play at a fixed volume if required and if you’d like to involve flams and rolls into your performance you can use the dynamic X/Y touchpad to do just that. The LEDs that light up the pads offer three variations of illumination that cause the trigger pads to light up when struck to indicate playing status and a unique illumination occurs when the controller sits idle for a few minutes.

The X/Y touchpad has been inherited from the Kaossillator range of effects and rhythms machines which gives the touchpad an excellent reputation as a dynamic controller. On the PadKontrol the touchpad can be used for a versatile range of uses, for example, you can assign pitch bending to the X-axis while the Y-axis can be used for reverb depth. When used in the flam/roll mode the X-axis controls the flam interval or the roll speed, and the Y-axis will control the dynamics of the flam of roll strokes, this allows for highly-realistic performances. Also, the values of the X/Y pad can be inverted, which makes this an amazingly flexible MIDI controller.

Two assignable knobs provide you with another layer of control options such as pan and decay time or delay wet/dry and modulation amount, just like the touchpad you can invert the knobs so that the parameter value increases as the knob is turned left. A foot pedal input means you can use an additional pedal to either send note messages or to send control changes when used to send notes the pedal has the same parameters as the trigger pad without velocity curves, when used in control change mode the pedal can send the same control messages as the pads.

The PadKontrol includes 16 user memory storage locations as well as 30 pre-loaded memories; the assignments of all of the individual controllers can be stored as a scene and allows you to switch between scenes instantly. This function can also be used to switch between studio use and live performance or can be used to switch scenes between songs. The 30 pre-loaded scenes were designed for use with popular drum software titles.

Korg PadKontrol MIDI Studio Controller Key Features:

  • Sixteen trigger pads for playing realistic drum parts with natural dynamics.
  • Toggle or momentary operation allows the trigger pads to act as function switches, transport controls, or to be assigned to various control change messages.
  • Expressive X-Y pad offers dynamic control for natural sounding flams and rolls.
  • Assign two independent control messages to the X-Y pad for dramatic realtime control.
  • Two independent knobs can be assigned to a variety of control change messages – such as pan or decay time.
  • An assignable pedal jack allows a pedal to be used as an additional trigger (such as a Kick Drum) or as a control source.
  • Sixteen user “scenes” are provided for saving and quickly recalling entire controller set-ups.
  • Thirty pre-loaded scenes provide instant compatibility with popular music software titles.
  • The padKONTROL connects to your computer via USB and can be used as a USB – MIDI interface for other MIDI sound modules.
  • USB bus power.
  • Free Editor Librarian software is included, so you can edit and manage scene data directly on your computer.

Korg PadKontrol MIDI Studio Controller Technical Specifications:

  • Controllers: 16 velocity-sensitive Trigger pads with LED illuminations, an X-Y pad, two assignable knobs, assignable pedal jack (requires a separately sold DS-1H or PS-1 to be connected) 
  • Display: 7-segments, 3-digits LEDs 
  • Memory: 16 user scene memories, 30 preloaded scene templates 
  • Connectors: Pedal, MIDI IN/OUT, USB (type B), Power supply jack (DC9V) 
  • Power Supply: DC9V; AC adapter (optional), USB bus power (when using the USB connector) 
  • Current Consumption When using USB bus power: approximately 150 mA (maximum 180 mA), 
  • When using an AC adapter: approximately 150 mA (maximum 180 mA) 
  • Dimensions: (WxDxH mm): 314 x 234 x 55
  • Weight: 960g

Operating Requirements

  • Macintosh OS: Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • Macintosh Computer: Apple Mac computer with a USB port, satisfying the operating requirements of Mac OS X
  • Windows OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional/x64 Edition
  • Windows Computer: Computer with a USB port, satisfying the requirements of Windows XP (USB Chipset made by Intel Corporation is recommended)