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Zomo HD 1200 White Chrome Headphones

Zomo HD 1200 White Chrome Headphones

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The professional stereo headphones Zomo HD-1200 with its very cool design are made of the finest materials. The closed design prevents the DJ from disturbing ambient noise to achieve an clear, original sound. With its solid and light design the Zomo HD-1200 headphones can easily stand every Club performance without ever feeling uncomfortable. For easy and compact transportation the ear cups are both rotatable and retractable. This also allows an one ear monitoring. This high end headphones are offering a clear, brilliant, fat high pressure sound with optimized kick-bass frequency response only few other headphones can compare with. These makes the Zomo HD-1200 the perfect headphones for Live performances, monitoring or studio use. Also the convenient spiral cable with its one-side exit makes it so comfortable to wear this headphones that you might forget you still wearing them after a while. Additionally cable and plug can be chainged in just a few seconds. The highend materials and drivers are a garantie for a long livetime of these extraordinary professional sound experience. The Zomo HD-1200 headphones is an outstanding headphone, introducing a new age of sound quality. A flowing balance of technic and design with professional sound. Your ears will thank you!
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