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ADJ Entour Chill 800w Low-level Fog Machine

ADJ Entour Chill 800w Low-level Fog Machine

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The Entour Chill from ADJ is an 800w low-level fog machine, which uses the water-based Kool Fog juice and ice cubes to generate an effect similar to dry ice. Found on the unit's back is the LCD display, which helps control all the features; the LCD screen makes it easy to set up with DMX control, allows use with remote control, timed intermittent operation or continuous low output. The Entour Chill has built on the highly-rated Mister Kool low-fogger, updated with all the latest technology to create an advanced fog machine capable of increased output.

A new temperature control unit allows the system to reach operating temperature within 3 minutes and can maintain the working temperature so that the effects are ready when it is required. The 800w heater system is capable of continuous operation at max output for up to an hour.

The unit comes with a compact housing crafted from durable fire-resistant plastic for added safety. It is ideal for mobile artists or event teams looking for thick low-level fog without the need for dry ice, which can become a safety hazard.

The ADJ FFFTR MKII wired timer remote is included with the Entour Chill.

For optimal output, ADJ Kool Fog (fog juice) is recommended to use with the Entour Chill because it helps create a dense cloud of smoke.

  • PRO TIP #1: Make sure you tighten the knob on the ice hopper all the way down to prevent fog leakage. 
  • PRO TIP #2: Make sure the water drainage value is open and drainage bag is lower than the Entour Chill so the melted ice water can flow easily into the bag. 
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