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Allen & Heath Xone K2 DJ Midi Controller

Allen & Heath Xone K2 DJ Midi Controller

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Allen & Heath

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The Allen & Heath Xone K2 DJ MIDI Controller is refined for any DJ software. Offering an incredible 52 hardware functions providing up to 171 MIDI commands across 3 layers. If you need to control in-depth parameters or simple operations, this is a controller with the diversity to do that.

Xone:K2 Overview

The fast mapping ability allows you to put all the functions that you need at your immediate control. The K2 is constructed to work with all MIDI- enabled Digital Audio Workstations and DJ software such as Traktor Pro, Serato, and Ableton, etc.

Xone:K2s Features In-Depth

Customise To Your Setup

The Xone:K2 is a universal controller, ideal for use with all industry standard DJ software, such as Traktor Pro, Ableton, Serato, and Virtual DJ. You can even use this to control lights or VJ software. Rest assured if your device can receive MIDI data; this device can command it.

Control MIDI With Confidence

With 52 physical controls – including 12 analogue and 6 rotary encoders with push switch, 4 faders, and 3 performance switches - catering up to 171 MIDI control instructions across 3 layers, this is a controller that stays in control. What each function does is completely up to you. With pre-planning, you can create an extensive custom layout that perfectly fits your needs.

Interlocking Layers

Send controls to multiple layers and give a single physical control multi-purpose functionality. Configure as many controls as you want to be linked to the latching layers system.

Style and Substance

This MIDI controller is built for harsh environments, with steel nuts on the rotary controls, the circuitry of this controller is protected from impact damage. The eye-catching and minimal design of the chassis and rubber catches at the bottom help to make this a mixer that will make others reflect on their own kit.

Maximum Protection

Your controller comes with a strong black padded case as standard to keep it safe on the road. Also, the case doubles as a stand, assuring an adjustable height for performances.

Double the Control with X:LINK

Connect your controller to the DB2 and DB4 with X:LINK and link two K2s into your laptop with one USB cable thanks to X:LINK.

  • Universal controller
  • You can assign controls to multiple layers
  • High quality internal, four channel (2 stereo) soundcard.
  • Slimline chassis, soft touch controls and minimal looks
  • Comes packed in a robust black padded case as standard
Tech Spec