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AM Clean Sound Anti-Static Record Mat

AM Clean Sound Anti-Static Record Mat

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AM Clean Sound

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The AM Clean Sound Anti-Static Record Mat not only acts as a slipmat to cushion your vinyl while sitting on your turntable but also works to remove static charge from your records, resulting in pop and hiss-free listening.

The Anti-Static Record Mat helps silence background noise and improves your imaging and tonal accuracy thanks to the felted carbon fibre filaments weaved into the mat that results in reduced friction and static build-up. The carbon fibre mat provides self-damping properties that are most effective for analogue playback where the smallest of stray vibrations can give you huge problems. Improve the everyday performance of your valuable vinyl records and can help the longevity of your collection.

  • Silences background noise
  • Improves soundstage, imaging, and tonal accuracy
  • Instruments and performers are sharply defined and delineated from each other
  • Less slippage
  • Disc: Carbon fibre felt
  • Weight: 15g
  • Height: 3mm
  • Diameter: 310mm