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AM Clean Sound Anti-Static Vinyl Brush

AM Clean Sound Anti-Static Vinyl Brush

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AM Clean Sound

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The AM Clean Sound Vinyl Brush uses carbon fibre bristles to drain the static charge off of your records while simultaneously removing grit, dust and particles that build up in the record grooves and degrades the records sound. Using the brush results in prolonged vinyl and stylus life. To use the brush directly hold the fibres of the brush in the record grooves as the vinyl spins, after a full rotation angle the fibres towards the outside of the record and sweep the bits off from the vinyl surface.

  • Pivoting brush assembly with self-cleaning design
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Vast improvement in overall soundstage clarity and instrumental definition
  • Substantial reduction in vinyl noise floor
  • Increased vinyl and stylus longevity
  • Handle: Aluminium
  • Frame: ABS
  • Brush: Carbon fibre
  • Carbon fibre bristles: 528,000
  • Weight: 31g
  • Height: 114mm
  • Width: 32mm
  • Depth: 18mm