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Decksaver Cover for Denon VL12 Turntable

Decksaver Cover for Denon VL12 Turntable

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This Decksaver protective cover was specially designed for the Denon VL12 Prime turntable and works to keep your valuable DJ equipment safe and secure against dust, liquid damage, and accidental impact damages while you’re out on the road. This highly-robust protective cover is perfect for any VL12 owner looking to keep it protected and is an essential investment if you’re going to be traveling with your turntable keeping all controls and functions safe against the elements.

The cover comes constructed from ultra-durable polycarbonate plastic that has been custom moulded to perfectly fit the turntable while still leaving enough space available to accommodate any cables you may require and features a clear/smoked finish that looks sleek and professional. The push-to-fit design protects all delicate parts such as the tonearm and stylus while leaving all connection ports open so it is always ready for operation when not in use and can be slid into a flight case or travel bag to provide you with an additional layer of security when travelling on the road giving you peace of mind and an excellent level of protection against the elements.

  • Weight: 1.041 kg
  • Cover Dimension: 44.5 × 35.9 × 7.8 cm