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Decksaver Cover for Rane 72 DJ Battle Mixer

Decksaver Cover for Rane 72 DJ Battle Mixer

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This Decksaver cover has been specially designed for the Rane Seventy-Two DJ battle mixer and is an essential investment for any DJ who needs a protective solution for their valuable DJ equipment. The highly robust cover perfectly fits the 72 mixer, protecting all controls and functions with enough space left over to accommodate any spare cables you may have. This cover is perfect for any Rane Seventy-Two owner who needs to keep their gear safe and secure during transit and when not in use.

The protective case is constructed from highly-durable polycarbonate, a robust, transparent plastic with hard wearing qualities that keeps your gear safe from dust, liquids, and even accidental impacts. The cover can comfortably fit inside a flight case or equipment bag with the mixer providing you with an additional level of security when traveling to give you peace of mind. The Decksaver cover leaves all connection ports open, so you can leave all cables connected to the mixer when not in use and even has enough space available so you can store cables when traveling with the mixer.

  • Weight: 1.165 kg
  • Cover Dimension: 41.8 × 29 × 3.6 cm
  • Product SKU: DS-PC-RANE72
  • Fits: Rane Seventy-Two DJ Mixer