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Ibiza Light LC192DMX 192-Channel DMX Lighting Controller

Ibiza Light LC192DMX 192-Channel DMX Lighting Controller

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Ibiza Light

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The Ibiza Light LC192DMX is a 192-Channel DMX lighting controller that can control up to 12 lighting effects with 16 channels available for each effect. The controller features a wide range of controls and functions such as eight channel faders, speed and timing controls, and the ability to control chases and blackouts.

The LC192DMX features 23 banks of eight scenes allowing you to have a total of 184 scenes available at your disposal so you can create a multitude of vivid effects and mix between them with ease. This controller allows you to record and recall up to six chase effects with fade time and speed automation and also gives you MIDI control over banks, blackouts, and chase effects. The LC192DMX also features an integrated microphone that allows you to use the sound-activated feature that makes the lights dance to the beat of the music that’s playing.

For your convenience and ease of use this controller comes with an automatic mode that is operated via the fade time sliders and an auto-save feature that automatically saves the last running program, should any accidents happen this function acts as a failsafe and keeps your light show going until you can fix the problem. The LC192DMX features a 5-pin MIDI output as well as a DMX in/output via a 3-pin XLR connection and a USB output that allows you to connect a gooseneck LED light so you can light the controller in low-lighting situations.

  • Controls 12 DMX light effects of up to 16 channels each
  • 23 banks, each with 8 scenes
  • 6x chases with up to 184 scenes each
  • Record up to 6 chases with fade time and speeds
  • MIDI control over banks, chases and blackout
  • Built-in microphone for music mode
  • Auto mode program controlled by fade time sliders
  • DMX in/out via 3-pin XRL lead
  • Auto-save of last running program
  • Input voltage: DC 9-12V 500mA via 220-240Vac 50/60Hz adaptor
  • Dimensions: 482x133x82mm
  • Weight: 2kg