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JTS UF-20S Receiver and UF-20TB Transmitter UHF Wireless Microphone System

JTS UF-20S Receiver and UF-20TB Transmitter UHF Wireless Microphone System

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JTS Professional

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This JTS Professional wireless UHF microphone system features a UF-20S single channel true diversity wireless receiver as well as a UF-20TB bodypack transmitter with a lapel microphone. The UF-20 system features many professional functions that are designed to help you with your performances.

JTS UF-20 Wireless Microphone System

The UF-20S receiver features a broad range of available channels with 15 preset groups each comprised of 63 channels, giving you loads of channels to work with. The obstacle-free RF function and free space scanner provide you with a rapid set up time, allowing you to get on with what is most important, the performance. The brand new JTS LCX circuit design helps to reduce compounding noise while a built-in equalizer lets you get the system sounding exactly as you want it. For your convenience, that receiver alerts you when there is low battery, no signal or the microphone is muted allowing you to fix any problems that may occur with ease.

The UF-20TB body pack is a compact and lightweight transmitter that features a 4-pin mini-XLR input that accepts a range of devices like JTS’ headsets, lavalier or lapel microphones. The robust chassis is constructed out of an aluminium alloy that ensures there is absolutely no handling noise. Also, the features of the bodypack can be controlled via JTS’ Remoset technology.

UF-20S Receiver Key Features:

  • Preset 15 groups each of up to 63 compatible channels
  • User programmable 6 groups each of 64 channels
  • Free space scan function
  • JTS Patented obstacle-free RF function synchronizes a transmitter by pushing a button
  • JTS LCX circuit design technology minimizes companding noise
  • The is now not only sends the frequency data but also transmitter’s RF power, sensitivity, low cut, key lock and user's name.
  • RF “NO SIGNAL” alert function.
  • AF “MUTE” alert function.
  • Transmitter “LOW BATTERY” alert function.
  • Built in equalizer

UF-20TB Transmitter Key Features:

  • 2400 to 3000 selectable frequencies  Preset 15 groups each of up to 63 compatible channels
  • Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tune
  • Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response.
  • Adjustable transmission power between Low and High
  • The panel Lock-On function prevents tampering and RF interruption
  • Together with JTS various music instrument mics, headset mics and tie clip mics this bodypack is versatile for all applications.
  • It is designed with slot-in charging feature with two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

UF-20S Receiver Technical Specifications:

  • Code: 81245
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD): 212 x 44 x 213.9mm
  • Frequency Preparation: PLL Synthesized Control
  • Frequency Setting: JTS Patented obstacle-free RF Remoset
  • Carrier Frequency Range: 606-681MHz S/N Ratio: >108dB (A)
  • T.H.D:     <0.5% @ 1kHz
  • Bandwidth: 60-75MHz Wideband
  • Chassis: 1/2U Standard Width Metal Chassis, 1U Standard Height
  • Preset Channels/Groups: * From group 1 ~ 15 up to 63 interference-free compatible channels. * 844 preset channels / group and 3000 selectable frequencies across 63 to 75 Hz Bandwidth. * User programmable from U1 ~ U6 each of 64 channels reserved.
  • Display: LCD
  • Display Contents: Group, Channel, Frequency, Antenna A / B, RF / AF Level Meter, Mute Display, Transmitter Battery Status, REMOSET ID Number, User Name, Squelch
  • Sensitivity: 6dBμV, at S/N > 80dB
  • Receiving Mode: True Diversity
  • Audio Output Level: Maximum 6dBu
  • AF Output Impedance: 600Ω
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 18kHz with High-pass filter
  • Squelch: Pilot Tone & Noise Mute
  • Power Supply: 100-240v
  • Output Connector: 1x XLR Balanced Socket, 1x 6.3mm Unbalanced Jack Socket

UF-20TB Transmitter Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Preperation: PLL Synthesized Control
  • Carrier Frequency: UHF 606-681MHz
  • Bandwidth: 75Mhz Super wideband
  • RF Outputs: High/Low Option
  • Stability: <10KHz
  • Frequency Deviation: 48KHz (Peak)
  • LCD Display: Group, Channel, Frequency, Battery Status, User Name, GAIN Adjust
  • Controls: Power ON / OFF, AF Level, Frequency (Up / Down), Lock-on Mode, REMOSET ID Pairing, RF Output Adjust
  • Freq. Response: 50Hz - 18kHz
  • Battery: 2x AA