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Korg Electribe Sampler Music Production Station

Korg Electribe Sampler Music Production Station

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The Korg Electribe Sampler is a sample-based production machine that allows you to construct and build beats with ease and speed, you can freely edit and resample your samples using the wealth of professional tools and controls such as modulation sources and effects which are easily controlled using the control knobs and even sequence patterns and rhythms thanks to the built-in sequencer. Your patterns and rhythms can be further edited on your laptop thanks to the ability to export loops and tracks to Ableton Live for detailed mixdowns.

Korg Electribe Sampler

This Electribe allows you to load any sample from an SD card and use it for creating beats thanks to the 499 user sample memories so you can store the original sample as well as the affected sample, you can also connect an audio source such as a record player or instrument into the audio in jack a then sample it. You can edit loaded waveforms in basic ways like altering the start and end points and even time slice them, the attack and decay of a sample can be detected and sliced automatically so you can play them back at a desired tempo without significantly altering the sound. Sliced samples can also be assigned to specific steps or parts and be triggered individually.

There is also a re-sampling function that means you can sample a processed sound, a phrase you’ve generated, or your real-time performance on the Electribe which opens up endless possibilities when used in conjunction with time slices so you can change the rhythmic groove of a phrase or turn a multiple part phrase into a single sample so you can generate even more complex sounds and phrases. Modulation sources such as an Envelope Generator and Low-Frequency Oscillator can be paired with modulation targets like filter cutoff and oscillator pitch to manipulate your sounds, simply choose any of the 72 modulation types and then adjust the speed and depth as you wish.

The Electribe Sampler comes loaded with production-ready sampled sources that you can use straight away and provides you with samples for any style of music and includes 179 drum/percussion samples, 33 loop samples, 31 voice-type samples, 37 sound effect samples, and 123 instrumental samples with hits, shots, and phrases of real instruments like piano, organ, bass, and guitar. These samples have been created in collaboration with high-quality sample labels such as Sample Magic, Loopmasters, Prime Loops, and Raw Cuts.

The 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads and X/Y touchpad work together to assist your live performances and build beats. The 16 pads double up as a 16 step sequencer allowing you to input up to 64 steps for each part, you can create beats by combining up to 16 of these parts per sequence pattern. The step sequencer of the Electribe sampler lets you intuitively generate patterns while trigger mode allows you to audition samples before you use them as well as input patterns on-the-fly. Keyboard mode makes the 16 pads act just like a keyboard so you can play samples in a range of semitones according to the scale/key settings while chord mode works to play a full chord when you press only one pad.

The X/Y touchpad comes with two modes, gate/arpeggiator mode that is great for recording bass riffs and hi-hat parts with a sense of groove, and while playing the performance pads, you can use the gate/arp to generate rhythmically exciting notes and patterns. Touch scale mode is excellent for those who are not comfortable with playing melodies on the keyboard or as an excellent way to create some inspiration; you can move your finger over the touchpad to freely produce phrases according to specified scale/key settings.

The motion sequence function works to record and reproduce knob movements you’ve made allowing you to add time-based movements to your loops to create a completely original flow. The last step function lets you change the number of steps in your selected part which is perfect for creating unexpected and unconventional rhythms by specifying a different number of steps for each part; this function is also useful when you want to alter the character of your song instantly. You can also choose from a total of 25 grooves to reproduce the playing and rhythmical feel of real instruments and also works to alter the dynamics and generate natural sounding rhythms.


Korg Electribe Sampler Music Production Station Technical Specifications:

Sound System

  • Type: PCM sound engine + Analog modeling sound engine 
  • Maximum Polyphony: 24 voices.*The polyphony of the entire pattern varies depending on the Oscillator, Filter, and Insert Fx type.*Independent parameters for each voice have been simplified; four voices share the parameters of one conventional voice.
  • Sample: Type (920), Pitch/Glide, Edit 
  • Sample Types: Analog (16), Audio In (2), Kick (37), Snare (44), Clap (12), HiHat (37), Cymbal (8), Hits (33), Shots (44), Voice (31), SE (7), FX (30), Tom (10), Percussion (31), Phrase (15), Loop (22), PCM (31), User Sample (499)
  • Filter: Filter (Cutoff), Resonance, EG Int, LPF/HPF/BPF (3) 
  • Modulation: Type (72), Depth, Speed 
  • Amp/Envelope Generator: Level, Pan, Attack, Decay/Release, Amp EG On/Off
  • Scale Types: 35 
  • Gate Arpeggiator Types: 50 
  • Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz 
  • AD/DA Conversion: 24 bit


  • User Samples: Up to 499 samples 
  • Memory: Total maximum approximately 270 seconds (calculated as monaural).*Regardless of the capacity of the SD card. *Including presets
  • Edits: Start/End Point, Loop Start Point, Tune, Time Slice, Level, Direction, Resampling


  • Insert Effect: One unit (can be used on each of the 16 parts). Type (38), Edit, Insert FX On/Off 
  • Master Effect: One unit, Type (32), Touch Pad, Master FX On/Off, Master FX Hold On/Off


  • Number of Steps: 16 steps x 4
  • Number of Parts: 16 parts (one part consists of a sound, steps, insert effect, modulation sequence, etc) 
  • Number of Patterns: 250 patterns (150 Presets / 100 Initial) (one pattern consists of parts, master effect, key, scale setting, etc)
  • Motion Sequences: Up to 24 motion sequences can be stored (for each pattern) 
  • Groove Types: 25 
  • Pattern Set: Up to 64 patterns can be stored
  • Pattern Chain: Up to 250 patterns can be chained
  • Export: Ableton Live project file format, WAV file format (48 kHz, 16 bit) 
  • Event Recording: Up to 100 files can be saved

Trigger/Touch Pads

  • Trigger Pads: 16 pads (Velocity sensitive) 
  • Modes Trigger, Sequencer, Keyboard, Chord, Step Jump, Pattern Set 
  • Touch Pad Modes: Gate Arp, Touch Scale, Master FX


  • Audio: L/Mono, R Output (Standard phone jack) Headphones (Stereo mini jack) Audio Input (Stereo mini jack) 
  • MIDI: In, Out (Use an included MIDI adapter cable) 
  • USB: Type micro B 
  • Sync: In, Out (Stereo mini jack)


  • Power Supply: AC adapter (DC 9V) or AA battery x 6 (Alkaline battery or Nickel metal hydride battery) 
  • Battery Life: Approximately 5 hours (Power Saving: ON, with Nickel metal hydride battery)
  • Current Consumption: Less than 500 mA


  • Chassis: Zinc die cast 
  • Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 339 x 189 x 45 
  • Weight: 1.6kg