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Korg NanoPad2 Slimline USB MIDI Controller

Korg NanoPad2 Slimline USB MIDI Controller

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The Korg NanoPad2 is a compact, slimline MIDI controller that comes equipped with 16 dynamic performance pads that are velocity-sensitive, as well as an X/Y touchpad and, is highly-portable making it a great companion for traveling musicians and music producers. The compact design is feature-filled with four banks of pad assignments giving you excellent versatility and makes it perfect for both studio and on-stage applications.

Korg NanoPad2 MIDI Controller

The 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads are highly responsive to your touch and realistically conveys all the subtle nuances of your performance which ensures your drum patterns and grooves will be full of life, by switching between the four banks of scenes you can have up to 64 different pad assignments. Connecting to your computer is an easy process, simply connect the supplied USB cable to the MIDI controller and your computer, and you have a highly-portable music production system. Both power and MIDI data is sent down the same USB connection giving you a clean, efficient workspace.

An X/Y touchpad which has been inherited from the Kaossillator range of instruments, allows you to control a wealth of virtual instrument and synthesiser parameters and features a ‘Touch Scale’ function that lets you play phrases and patterns directly from the touchpad, just like a Kaoss pad. You can choose from a range of 16 different scales and specify the root note and note range to make sure your performance is always in the correct key and tone. A ‘Gate Arp’ function works to transmit note data based in the tempo settings on your DAW, and when combined with the Touch Scale mode the Gate Arp lets you play tempo-synchronised phrases and rhythms by simply stroking the X/Y pad.

Korg NanoPad2 Slimline USB MIDI Controller Key Features:

  • Sixteen pads in a compact body
  • Low-profile pad controller – excellent for playing or entering drum data
  • Sixteen solid, responsive, and velocity-sensitive trigger pads
  • Control multiple MIDI parameters via the X-Y Touchpad
  • Dynamic trigger pads capture all your performance nuances
  • USB power for an uncluttered setup

Korg NanoPad2 Slimline USB MIDI Controller Technical Specifications:

  • Memory: 4 user scene memories 
  • Corresponding Software: Host applications corresponding to MIDI input 
  • Connector: USB (mini B) 
  • Power: USB bus power
  • Power Consumption: USB bus power - less than 100 mA 
  • Dimensions(WxDxH mm): 325 x 83 x 16 
  • Weight: 285g 
  • Accessories: USB cable


  • 16 trigger pads with velocity and 4 velocity curves 
  • XY-Pad
  • HOLD button
  • GATE ARP button
  • TOUCH SCALE button
  • KEY/RANGE button
  • SCALE/ARP button
  • SCENE button

System Requirements

  • Macintosh Supported Computer: Apple Macintosh with USB port, satisfying the operating requirements of Mac OS X
  • Macintosh Supported OS: Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion or later
  • Windows Supported Computer: Computer with USB port, satisfying the operating requirements of Windows7 (Intel USB Chipset recommended)
  • Windows Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or later (32-bit/64-bit)