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Laserworld CS-2000RGB MK2 Professional Show Laser

Laserworld CS-2000RGB MK2 Professional Show Laser

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The Laserworld CS-2000RGB is a professional show laser projector that features a newly designed compact housing which is both lightweight and highly-robust and makes use of a super-stable mountable bracket. This full-colour laser is most suited to mobile entertainers, large clubs and bars, music venues, festivals, theatres and temporary laser shows thanks to the high output and crystal clear projections.

The Laserworld CS-2000RGB laser system comes with pure analogue modulation and guarantees a super-high output of 2000mW which means you are provided with vibrantly coloured projections that are sure to amaze your audience. This laser is equipped with three laser diodes which each provide a different colour, a 250mW red diode with a wavelength of 635nm, a 250mW green laser diode gives you a wavelength of 532nm while a 1100mW royal blue diode provides you with a wavelength of 445nm. All three diodes work in perfect harmony to ensure you get vivid colours alongside powerful laser beams which feature a beam diameter of roughly 3mm with a divergence of 2.0mrad while a scan speed of up to 30kpps offers smooth projections.

This laser features a range of various user modes that allow you to either create your own customised light shows or make use of the 200 built-in preset patterns such as waves, tunnels, and circles which can be projected in various colours and speeds. In automatic mode, the pre-programmed patterns run without assistance, in music mode an integrated microphone allows the laser to project patterns according to the sound. In DMX mode you can use the laser to project your own custom patterns and shapes or use the master/slave mode to link multiple units together for synchronised light shows. This laser is also fully computer controllable via an ILDA interface, thus you can create your own logos, texts, graphics and animations can be projected whilst in combination with laser control software.

On the rear of the CS-2000RGB, you’ll find DMX/Linking in/outputs alongside an ILDA in/output, a microphone sensitivity control for the integrated mic, safety key switch with remote interlock and a function section with LED indicator. The CS-2000RGB is perfect for a range of professional applications and makes an excellent addition to any lighting engineer’s arsenal.

  • Total Power typical: 2'000 mW
  • Guaranteed power: 1'600 mW
  • Power Red: 250 mW / 635 nm
  • Power Green: 250 mW / 532 nm
  • Power Blue: 1'100 mW / 445 nm
  • Beam Specifications: ca. 3 mm / 2 mrad
  • Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser
  • Laser Class: 4
  • Operation Modes: Auto, Music, DMX, ILDA, Master-slave
  • Scanner: Galvo system, 30 kpps@4°
  • Scan Angle max.: 40°
  • Basic Patterns: ca. 200 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
  • Accessories: Power cable, Manual, Interlock connector, Key
  • Power Supply: 85V - 250 V AC
  • Power Consumption: 120 W
  • Dimensions: 190/274/160 mm
  • Weight: 4.75 kg