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Laserworld Showeditor Set - Professional Laser Show Software with ShowNET LAN Interface

Laserworld Showeditor Set - Professional Laser Show Software with ShowNET LAN Interface

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The Laserworld Showeditor Set includes the 2015 Laserworld Showeditor Software as well as the Laserworld ShowNET Network Interface with a software license and some cables to get you started. Laserworld Showeditor 2015 is an all-in-one show laser control software application that comes with many intuitive features and is perfect for professional lighting engineers as well as beginner and amateurs who want to improve their light shows.

The Showeditor software allows users to create timeline based laser shows and ready-to-go live laser shows with simple commands and operations. The software features 100 laser shows and already configured MIDI profiles so you can get started right out of the box. The ShowNET Network Interface can read micro-SD cards with *.ilda files stored on; these files can be automatically played back or singularly triggered via DMX. ILDA files (*.ild) can be imported/exported for an uncomplicated exchange between different software.

Laserworld Showeditor 2015 supports DMX inputs and outputs thanks to the DMX adapter and can be controlled via a DMX controller to control lighting fixtures of any kind. Enhanced MIDI capabilities allow you to create your own profiles while the compatibility with SMPTE time code signals makes it suitable for professional multimedia applications.

Even beginners will succeed in creating their own figures, logos and running or morphing text thanks to the Figure Editor and professional users will benefit from the more advanced features such as the abstracts generator, colour adaptation and versatile optimisation tools. The application's interface is available in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Romanian.

The Laserworld Showeditor Set comes as a complete package and includes the Showeditor Software, a ShowNET LAN-to-ILDA interface, a 0.4m ILDA cable, a short CAT-5 LAN cable plus a small neoprene case for the ShowNET Interface and even two small Velcro straps so you can attach the case containing the ShowNET to a truss.

  • Internal resolution XY: 32 Bit
  • Resolution color RGBI: 8 Bit
  • Number of tracks on timeline: 48 tracks on 16 track pages + 18 effects each
  • Matrix Mapping: 16 track page mixes to up to 16 ILDA interfaces
  • Number of output interfaces at control PC: No limitation
  • Number of interfaces with output at the same time: 16
  • Output speed max.: ~150.000 points per second
  • Bitmap Tracing: Yes
  • AI File Import: Yes, file version 5
  • ILDA Import / Export: Single frames and whole shows
  • ILDA Export protection: Can be locked to license
  • SMS output on Laser: Yes (Siemens TSM Module TC35i or TXT file)
  • Running text: Yes
  • Morphing text: Yes
  • Fonts: Any TTF + 3 extra fonts
  • Simulation: Yes (either DAC or simulation)
  • Real time output to laser: Yes
  • Multi Screen support: Yes (window positions are saved)
  • Skin (custom colors for software look): Selectable
  • Individual scanner settings per output interface: Yes (including pps rate)
  • Individual color correction per output interface: Yes, TTL, Analog, RGB, 3-point
  • Individual mapping per output interface: Yes, TTL, Analog, RGB, 3-point
  • Individual geometric correction per output interface: Yes, invert X/Y, distortion, Size, position, etc.
  • Safety zones / Beam attenuation: Yes, per output interface. 2 with soft fading
  • Individual names per output interface: Yes
  • Settings can be saved: Yes
  • Virtual hardware for simulation etc.: Yes
  • Playlist support: Yes
  • Auto Monitor Standby: Yes
  • Video support: Yes, video as basis for timeline shows output via second monitor channel
  • Free shows: More than 250 Free shows supported
  • Commercial shows: Available online

Hardware features of Laserworld ShowNET

  • X/Y scanner outputs with 12 bit resolution (4096 different positions on each axis)
  • Color outputs with 8 bit resolution (256 different intensity values per color channel): red, green, blue, intensity linked to green
  • DMX512 input and output (non-isolated)
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet port
  • Flexible IP address setting: static address, DHCP or AutoIP
  • MicroSD card slot for ILDA file playback (ILDA format code 4/5 RGB)
  • Standalone operation and DMX IN/OUT via DMX-Adapter
  • Maximum scan speed ~100.000 points per second
  • Up to 16 devices can be used in parallel for multiprojector laser shows
  • Built-in ArtNet-to-DMX converter
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