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Limited Edition Dr Suzuki 7-Inch Slipmats

Limited Edition Dr Suzuki 7-Inch Slipmats

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Dr Suzuki

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The classic DR Suzuki slipmat 7-inch donuts is back with a brand new material. After years of intensive research and resolving problems such as age warping by degradation, Dr. Suzuki has hit back and finally achieved the best version of the 7-inch slip mat available. The slipmat is perfect for any budding scratch DJ and turntablist who wants to switch between 12-inch and 7-inch vinyl or uses a portable scratch turntable for their performances.

The new design is easier to use than ever, with a more durable construction as well as being lightweight and eye-catching and is perfect for those who wish to scratch and juggle on 45’s. An easy set up means all you need to do is set it on to your 12-inch vinyl and you’re ready to get going. This slipmat has been constructed with uncompromising stance and is made up of a trilaminar structure system that works to absorb vibrations from various sources. Both the top and bottom of the mat is made from anti-slip material meaning you will never have to worry about needle skipping and you can carry on DJing without worrying about disconnecting from your system.

Dr Suzuki 7-inch Slipmats Key Features:

  • Artist: Dr Suzuki
  • Title: The Donuts
  • Format: 7-inch Slipmats
  • Colour: Orange and Black
  • Inlcudes: 2 pieces
  • Cat#: DS-7
  • Note: EP Adapter required
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