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Mackie CR4-X Multimedia Active Monitor Speakers

Mackie CR4-X Multimedia Active Monitor Speakers

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The CR series monitor speakers have been redesigned to feature a sleeker finish as well as components that have been engineered to an incredible new standard. The CR4-X creative reference speakers come with a 4-inch polypropylene-coated woofer which produces a clear bass-response. The mid-range is distinctly lacking any muddy frequency colouring which is quality that is usually reserved for speakers in a much higher price bracket.

The CR4-X Studio Speakers are perfect for multimedia content creators, vloggers, and post-production editors that need a reliable and small monitor speaker for convenience. Although the slave speaker works with via a build-in passive connector, you can integrate these speakers into a mixer or audio interface with the dual TRS and RCA inputs on the rear. Meaning you will be able to use these as stereo monitors connected into multi-monitor setup.

  • Studio-quality sound with sleek aesthetics
  • Ideal for making music, creating content, gaming, general listening, and more
  • Single powered speaker with a passive speaker (connection cables included)
  • Selectable powered speaker position via a rear-panel switch (Left or Right)
  • High-performance 4'' woofer and 0.75'' tweeter
  • Custom-tuned rear ports for an enhanced and extended low-end response
  • Flexible input connectivity via L/R 1/4'' TRS, L/R RCA, and stereo 1/8'' (3.5mm)
  • Spring-loaded clamp terminals for connecting the speakers together
  • Front volume control for easy level adjustment at any time
  • Front stereo headphone output for quick and easy connectivity
  • Connecting headphones defeats the speaker output to enable silent listening
  • Handy ON/OFF switch on the rear panel of the active speaker
  • Rugged and attractive brushed metal front panel with a distinctive outlined design
  • Robust wooden cabinet provides a natural sound with outstanding durability
  • Comes complete with high-quality cables so you can be up and running straight out of the box

Woofer Size: 4''


  • Left/right 1/4'' TRS
  • Left/right RCA
  • 1/8'' (3.5mm) stereo mini-jack


  • 1/8'' (3.5mm) stereo mini-jack (headphones)
  • Spring-terminals for connecting passive speaker


  • Front volume control
  • Rear L/R powered speaker position select switch
  • Rear ON/OFF power switch

Bluetooth: No

Enclosure Front Material: Brushed metal panel

Power Supply: 100-240VAC

Power Connection: Fixed power cable

Weight: 5.26kg (pair)