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Mackie MDB-1A Active Direct Injection Box

Mackie MDB-1A Active Direct Injection Box

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The Mackie MDB-1A is an active stereo Direct Injection box that enables you to go from a stereo audio source, like a keyboard or media player, directly into a mixer or FOH speaker system with little hassle thanks to the smooth, intuitive setup. This DI box makes a brilliant addition to any musician or sound engineer’s arsenal and fits right in at home in any project studio, music venue, home studio or live event thanks to the super-robust build-quality and compact size.

Mackie MDB-1A DI Box

The MDB-1A comes with extra headroom which is perfect for high-output instruments and also features excellent noise performance and transparency, so you know you’re getting a sound that is both natural and crystal clear, both your audience and performers will hear the best audio quality possible. This DI box features a high-impedance ¼-inch Jack input with a Thru output for linking to other devices while a balanced XLR output connection with Ground Lift switch lets you input the box straight into a mixer.

The MDB-1A also comes with low-cut and polarity switches so you can get the system sounding exactly as you’d like while a merge switch takes your stereo signal and converts it to a mono signal at the output, a brilliant feature for keyboards and media players. A -20dB attenuation switch ensures a distortion and noise-free performance especially when you’re connecting to a high-level audio source. This Direct Injection box is powered via a 48v Phantom Power supply and is designed for everyday on-stage/studio use thanks to the super-robust ‘built-like-a-tank’ enclosure that makes use of an all-steel construction with impact resistant corners and long-wearing Jack connectors.

  • Active circuitry offers higher headroom for ultra-low noise and distortion-free performances
  • High-impedance 1/4-inch Jack input with Thru output
  • Balanced XLR output connector with Ground Lift
  • Low cut and polarity switches
  • Merge switch allows connection of stereo sources which are then summed to mono at the output, perfect for stereo audio sources like keyboards and media players
  • -20dB pad ensures distortion-free performance when connecting to a high-level audio source
  • Powered via 48v Phantom Power
  • Built-like-a-tank enclosure
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