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Mackie SRM215 V-Class 15” Active PA Speaker

Mackie SRM215 V-Class 15” Active PA Speaker

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The Mackie SRM215 V-Class is a part of the reputable Mackie SRM portable loudspeaker range. The high-performance powered speaker produces high-quality pure sound, is reliable, packed with superior technology and is held within a sleek looking casing.

The Mackie 215 features an industry-leading 2000W Class-D amplifier, advanced Impulse™ DSP tuning and Intelligent Bass Management™, high performing transducers and custom SymX™ Horn, SRM Mix Control™ featuring an in-built 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth®, has complete wireless control via the SRM Connect™ App, dual-angle pole mount, angled design for floor mounting and the ability to link two SRM V-Class speakers together wirelessly up to 100 meters apart.

The 15-inch woofer boasts big powerful magnets along with robust motors, voice coils and spiders that ensures the speaker can perform at top level whilst still being efficient and precise. The speaker motor and voice coil work together to bring a high output and transient response, ensuring the woofer itself can reproduce clear and detailed low and mid frequencies. A high-quality 1.4-inch polymer HF driver is also present, which allows for natural-sounding high-frequencies. The custom SymX™ Horn has been expertly designed and created to keep distortion to a minimum, and that it creates a symmetrical and flat response at the crossover point which makes way for a smooth mid-range.

The SRM 215 is using the powerful 2000W Class-D amplifier, which provides the highest SPL of any speaker in its class. It delivers stability, implausible headroom and audio fidelity, and can withstand the most demanding uses. In addition to the amp, the speaker also features Advanced Impulse™ DSP with proprietary acoustic tuning which ensures that crystal pure sound is dispersed across a whole zone, which turns the entire room into a sweet spot. The precision crossover and transducer time-alignment guarantee balanced and precise sound. The Intelligent Bass Management™ technology is maintaining tonal balance and output level when the speaker is operated at high volumes.

The SRM Mix Control™ features an in-built 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth® which allows a whole host of control features including a high-contrast full-colour display with single-knob access to mixer and processing, music streaming capabilities, adjustable channel levels and EQ, application and venue specific voicing modes, saving and recalling up to 10 user presets and option to modify the front LED function (green, white, off, signal present and multi (cycle through the colours)). There are dual independent channels that offer mic, line and instrument signals, and a dedicated 1/8-inch stereo aux channel. There is also an option for the speaker and its parameters to be locked using a 4-digit passcode.

The speaker unit can be wirelessly controlled using the SRM Connect™ App, which provides full access to all the settings and functions including EQ, levels and presets. It’s also simple to wirelessly connect two SRM V-Class speakers using the latest Bluetooth® technology, which allows up to 100 meters between the two connected speakers. The Stereo and dual-zone linking modes can be used to achieve complete control over the full speaker setup over two rooms or zones.

Finally, the speaker can be pole mounted with dual-angle capability, which allows for even more coverage and minimal reflections, and the 7° tilt is perfect for elevated stage setups. The cabinet can also be dual-angled when used as a floor monitor adding even more acoustically flexible possibilities to the mix.

Mackie is continuously dedicated to producing lifelong equipment. They use high-quality components, are technically infused and continue to implement their ‘Built-Like-A-Tank’ style. Not only does the SRM range look the part, but they play the role too, and are very well valued. Having a speaker that produces clear, precise and exceptional-quality sound, uses high-class components that are encased within a robust housing, has flexible positioning options, has a sweet spot that fills the room, and ensures you have ultimate control can only result in first-rate performances.

Mackie SRM215 Key Features:

  • Industry-leading 2000W Class-D amplifier
  • Advanced Impulse™ DSP tuning
  • Intelligent Bass Management™
  • High performing transducers and custom SymX™ Horn
  • SRM Mix Control™ featuring an in-built 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth®
  • Complete wireless control via the SRM Connect™ App
  • Dual-angle pole mount
  • Angled design for floor mounting
  • Link two SRM V-Class speakers together wirelessly.

Mackie SRM215 Tech Spec:

  • LF Transducer: 15-inch woofer
  • HF Transducer: 1.4 polymer HF driver
  • Max SPL: 136dB
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz
  • Coverage: 60º(H) x 40º(V)
  • Weight: 22.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 732 x 391 x 447 mm