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Mixars Duo 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ

Mixars Duo 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ

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Mixars Duo 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ is the perfect plug and play mixer for Serato DJ users.  A high-quality soundcard, sample rate and bit rate capabilities of 96kHz/24-bit, guarantees accurate sonic representation.

Duo Mixer Demonstration

The 2-channel Duo mixer is built with battle DJs in mind; the eight RGB backlit performance pads offer quick and easy access to Serato DJ's creative features. Trigger cue points with ease, arrange and create exciting new loops and rolls.

If you are an advanced user, you can custom map most mixer controls to other third-party software. In addition, the two extra USB connections allow other equipment to integrate perfectly with your mixer, for example, a MIDI controller.

The Duo's robust design means you can take the mixer out on the road with peace of mind. Also, the phono/line and microphone inputs are of a sturdy and high-engineered construction that they will offer pristine audio. The XLR and Booth Output also provide the same high strength design.

The mixer also comes with an integrated Mini-Innofader, which provides super responsive scratch performance. The line fader and crossfader functions can be easily adjusted on the front panel.

The mixer also comes with free Serato DJ software and DVS expansion packs.

  • RGB Pads
  • Loop and Effects Control
  • XLR Output
  • Booth Output
  • USB Hub
  • miniInnofader Built in
  • Serato included
  • Weight (incl. packaging)2.9 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging)42.0 x 38.0 x 16.0 cm
  • Product specifications
  • suitable for: Serato DJ
  • most mixer controls are suitable for mapping with other software
  • 2 channels
  • RGB pads
  • loop and effects controls
  • USB hub with 2 ports
  • built-in mini Innofader
  • internal audio interface: 24 bits, 96 kHz
  • low/high pass filter (analogue) per channel
  • RCA phono/line input
  • microphone (XLR) or aux (RCA) input
  • XLR output
  • booth (RCA) output
  • 2x headphone: stereo jack and stereo mini jack
  • including Serato