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Numark NS4FX 4-channel DJ Controller

Numark NS4FX 4-channel DJ Controller

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DJs' originality and personal expression determine how far their DJ careers will go, and the Numark NS4FX's broad capabilities allow them to do precisely that when they perform! With the Numark NS4FX DJ controller, DJs may mix songs, samples, loops, and more from up to four DJ software decks at once with complete audio control over four separate channels. NSFX's four channels have dedicated premium-quality volume faders, a three-band EQ with complete kills, and large rotary high pass/low pass filter knobs. In addition, on the front panel, crossfader assignment switches enable each channel to be allocated to either side A or side B of the crossfader or can be used to avoid the crossfader entirely. This unrivalled versatility is ideal for generating unique Livestream mixes, thrilling build-ups in the club, and pre-planning many tracks for events.

The premium-quality, touch-sensitive jog wheels have been meticulously adjusted for precise scratching and mixing. A bright LED display in the middle of the wheels displays track location, bpm, pitch range, and time. Either deck's "Layer" button lets each side instantly switch control between different decks, making it simple to layer and mix up to four tracks for added creativity. A dedicated loop area on each deck with multipliers allows you to quickly access and manipulate seamless loops to expand your mix or create bespoke transitions. The dynamic FX section has six quick-launch software effects that are activated by the durable and entertaining paddle toggle switches, adding even more flavour and originality to your sets. Full hardware control over the wet/dry mix and beat division is also available in the FX area, allowing DJs to create imaginative performances.

Professional Sound

The NS4FX has a great list of connection options, ideal for mobile and event DJs, club DJ professionals, and livestreaming mix masters. The balanced XLR main outputs provide high-quality 24-bit audio, guaranteeing those event-goers always have a unique, engaging dancefloor experience with high-quality sound. In addition, the dedicated RCA booth output is ideal for delivering audio to a personal monitor speaker or a different zone in your venue.

The NS4FX has two separate 1/4" microphone inputs with dedicated volume and tone controls for events or performances that need more than one microphone for MC'ing or formal settings. Furthermore, audio from smartphones or other media devices may be played via the RCA inputs on the rear of the Numark controller by switching the Mic 1 input to an Auxiliary option. When broadcast through USB, the microphone audio is blended with the main music mix, making it simple to stream online with a smartphone or computer without needing an extra sound card or audio device.

Serato DJ Pro Ready

The NS4FX comes with the renowned Serato DJ Lite software, enabling DJs to get mixing straight away with up to four channels. DJs may upgrade to a full-featured multi-channel mixing experience at any time since the NS4FX is completely mapped and ready for Serato DJ Pro! Other popular DJ software applications, such as Virtual DJ and Algorridim djay Pro AI, are also compatible with the NS4 controller.

"The Numark NS4FX offers the ideal blend of creative mixing tools and high-quality audio," says Numark Director of Product Development Chris Roman. "Full control over four deck mixing and professional-grade connectors have never been available at such a low price. We're thrilled and honoured to provide this new addition to the legendary NS series to DJs who expect nothing less than the finest in their profession!"


  • 4 channel DJ controller with dedicated volume faders
  • Large Filter knob on each channel
  • 6” capacitive-touch jog wheels with multicolour display
  • Layer buttons on each hardware deck to control up to 4 software decks
  • FX section with 6 selection buttons, parameter controls and 2 toggle switches
  • Dedicated loop sections with multiplier controls
  • Crossfader assignment switches on each channel
  • 8 performance pads on each deck with pad mode selection buttons
  • Long pitch faders with pitch bend buttons
  • Dedicated Sync, Cue/Stop, and Play/Pause buttons
  • 3-band EQ on each deck with full kill
  • Summed microphone and main output audio over USB for livestreaming
  • High-quality 24-bit audio
  • Balanced XLR Main output
  • RCA Booth output
  • Front 1/4” microphone input with volume and tone controls
  • Additional rear 1/4” microphone input with controls (switchable to Aux with RCA inputs)
  • 1/4” and 1/8” headphone output jacks
  • Serato DJ Pro upgrade ready
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