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Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 Battle and Scratch DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 Battle and Scratch DJ Controller

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Pioneer DJ

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The Pioneer DDJ-REV1 is a 2-channel DJ controller with a great scratch-style layout and provides a fantastic base for aspiring DJs who want to battle and play like a pro. The controller is Serato based and ideal for use with Serato DJ Lite Software.

New Design Layout

The layout has been designed with the DJM-S mixer and PLX turntable in mind. There are special features included for open-format and scratch DJs. To ensure the battle configuration is authentic, Pioneer moved the tempo sliders (60mm in length) to the top of the deck sections and turned them horizontally. This design element has never been featured on any of Pioneer DJs Controllers before and has been done to emulate PLX turntables arranged just as if they were in a battle. Effects, samples and scratching tracks can be intuitively combined during performances thanks to the performance pads and Lever FX paddles being placed within the mixer section.

Texture can be added to the music through the Lever FX. They can be pulled down to apply effects from Serato DJ Lite or up to lock-in effects, leaving your hands free to focus on scratching or browsing tracks.

The jog wheels on the REV1 are larger than previous controllers at the same level. They are ideal for scratching, and with added features such as Tracking Scratch, you can’t go wrong. Other handy features include using the Performance Pads to trigger samples and tracks that have been loaded to Scratch banks and have control over Decks 3/4, so sounds can be played from all four decks in the software.

Tracking Scratch Feature

The Tracking Scratch is a helpful feature that automatically returns the track to the cue point when the jog wheel is moved backwards, or your hand is lifted away. This negates the need to manually rewind the jog to the starting point of your scratch or close your fader and find the right place to start your scratch again. The feature is simple to use in that you select the Tracking Scratch Pad mode, choose the Scratch Crossfader Cuts pattern you want to use via the Performance Pad and start moving the jog wheel.

Streaming and Audio

Streaming is easy with the DDJREV1, and vocals or speech can be added with a connected microphone, a first for an entry-level DJ Controller. The audio goes straight to your laptop via Serato DJ Lite and into the stream, meaning there is no need for an external soundcard or mixer.

Serato DJ Lite Integration

Once the free Serato DJ Lite software is downloaded to a laptop/Mac, connect the supplied USB cable and enjoy the instant plug-and-play capability. When you’re ready to take your performances to the next level, there is the option to upgrade to Serato DJ Pro to use alongside your controller.

Overall, the Pioneer DDJ-REV1 provides an excellent basis for playing, perfect for learning and getting practice for those up-and-coming scratch battles.

You may utilise the Serato DJ Lite software with the DDJ-REV1 by downloading the most recent version.

  • Brand-new layout design: Perform intuitively
  • Battle-style setup
  • Bigger jog wheels
  • Lever FX
  • Deck 3/4 control
  • Tracking Scratch: Get a helping hand with scratching
  • Mixed microphone audio: Easily add your voice while you’re streaming
  • Serato DJ Lite integration
  • Support for Serato DJ Pro


Serato DJ Lite

Serato DJ Pro (license/subscription not included)

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 20 kHz

S/N Ratio

103 dB(USB)

Total Harmonic Distortion


Input / Output Terminals 



MIC x 1 (1/4” TS jack)


MASTER x 1 (RCA x 1)

HEADPHONES x 1 (3.5-mm stereo mini jack x 1)


USB Type-B x 1

Power Supply

USB Type-B bus powered

Power Consumption

5V 500mA

Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H)

526.0 × 255.5 × 59.2 mm / 20.7” × 10.06” × 2.33”


2.1 kg / 4.6 lb


  • USB cable
  • Warranty (for some regions)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Precautions for Use