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Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 Scratch-Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 Scratch-Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer

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Pioneer DJ

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The Pioneer DJM-S5 is a scratch-style 2-channel mixer for Serato DJ Pro. It is ideal for battle mixing and scratching for beginner DJs who are eager to learn and experienced DJs looking to expand their skills. The unit has a familiar feel to the DJM-S11 and offers intuitive and straightforward operation. In addition, it is crammed with performance features that will liven up your mixes, including Effect Leavers, Robust Performance Pads, MAGVEL FADER PRO crossfader, Scratch Cutter and Crossfader Hot Cue, to name a few. The DJM-S5 is practical, but it is also robust and looks the part amongst any setup with a sleek red gloss section on the top plate and a unique transparent window displaying the fader on the front.

The DJMS5 is ideal for DJs who are familiar with battle mixing and scratching and beginner DJs who want to go all-in and try it out. It is also the first Pioneer DJ Mixer that can be powered via a USB connection to a computer.

New Features on the DJM-S5

Scratch Cutter

Scratch Cutter is a new feature which allows the user to start scratching right away. There are six cutting patterns to select, and once the scratch cutter function is turned on, using the effect lever, and when the control vinyl or jog wheel is moved, the mixer will take care of the rest. As a result, the mixer applies a cutting effect to the music in perfect sync with the track playing on the alternative deck, emulating the popular transformer scratch technique, where tricky crossfader movements are usually required. This great feature is ideal for beginner DJs learning to scratch as it enables them to concentrate on getting the timing right before actually using the crossfader itself to cut in at the right time.

Crossfader Hot Cue

When the Crossfader Hot Cue feature is activated, you can quickly move the crossfader to create scratch-like sounds with a track or a sample. Each time the fader is moved away from the edge, the track or sample on the related deck plays from the most recent Hot Cue position. The action can be repeated quickly to allow the Hot Cue to play in the rhythm used to move the crossfader, thus creating a scratch-like sound without moving the control vinyl on the deck.

New Design

The new look of the Pioneer mixer, with its glossy red and black top plate, contrasting detailing and black buttons/control, has been inspired to replicate the look of a musical instrument. When looking further at the unit, there is a transparent window on the front that displays the internal workings of the MAGVEL FADER PRO. Additionally, you will find grab handles strategically placed, making the already compact and lightweight mixer easy to move/carry.

USB Bus-Powered and Standalone Mixer Versatility

The S5 is the first mixer from Pioneer DJ that can be powered via a USB connection to a computer. The flexibility this offers means the mixer is transportable and can be used and played anywhere. On a side note, even though the mixer is USB powered, it still produces a wide range of clear and precise sounds covering various genres. It also works as a standalone mixer, which means it can play from other sources away from a PC/laptop, including analog vinyl records.

Other features

Performance Pads

There are 4 Performance Pads on each deck with 13 pad modes available, including Hot Cue and Sampler. Samples can easily be triggered and unlock your creative potential.

Effect Levers

On the DJM-S5 mixer, two large effect levers control up to 57 effects within the Serato DJ Pro, including any paid Expansion Packs. The levers are the same as you would find on the flagship DJM-S11 mixer. They can be held down and released to turn the effect on/off or locked, allowing you to be hands-free to browse and scratch tracks whilst the effect is still activated. In addition, two banks are available for saving and quickly accessing as and when required.


The robust MAGVEL FADER PRO crossfader has been designed and constructed in such a way to withstand the most vigorous of use. In addition, you can find your perfect scratch feeling using Feeling Adjust, so the “weight” can be tweaked to get the personally preferred resistance right.

Plug-and-Play Compatibility

The DJM-S5 can be connected to any PC or Mac that features Serato DJ Pro to access the software and use the professional performance features straight away. Also available to the mixer is free Serato DVS support, which means using analog turntables with control vinyl or DJ players to play and scratch tracks in your Serato crates is easy. Finally, there is no need for any external equipment, e.g. a soundcard when streaming a set and wanting to add vocals/speech to your performance as all sounds are sent via Serato DJ Pro to the stream.

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