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Pioneer DJ DM-50D 5-inch Desktop Monitor System

Pioneer DJ DM-50D 5-inch Desktop Monitor System

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Pioneer DJ

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The Pioneer DJ DM-50D are powerful 5-inch 2-way bass reflex, active desktop monitor speakers. The speakers contain elements of the prevalent DM-40 units in addition to new features and components. As a result, the DM50Ds are robust and produce crystal clear quality sound. The speaker units are easy to use, tune and set up, are available in two colours, and sold as a pair.

Innovative Features

Each DM-50D speaker contains a 5-inch woofer, ¾-inch soft dome tweeter, a new Class D amplifier and redesigned DECO convex diffusers. The woofer can provide an extra power boost when the volume is turned up, along with precise sounding frequencies, thanks to the expertly positioned tweeters, and the Class D amplifier aids in producing balanced natural bass sound. In addition, the diffusers provide a wider sweet spot and 3D stereo sound thanks to their inbuilt structure and ability to push out ultra-clear high frequencies in all directions.

2-way Sound Mode

Do away with agonising over whether the speaker monitors are suitable for DJing or making music, as the DM-50Ds are ideal for both. You can select either DJ mode or music production mode thanks to a clever little switch on the DM 50D speakers. As a result, the DSP settings will automatically adjust and optimise, leaving you to concentrate on the music.

DM-50D Connections

Several inputs and outputs enable a vast array of equipment to be connected to the monitor speakers. An RCA, Mini Jack, and TRS input terminals allow DJ gear such as DJ controllers and mixers or music production equipment such as laptops and soundcards. In addition, there is a headphone socket on the front panel, ensuring the connection is quick and easy, along with a volume knob, making adjusting the volume level effortless.

Clever Design

The DM50Ds look sleek and professional, and the design has been well thought through. The grooves that are on the ducts reduce air friction, allowing for tight and punchy bass, no matter where the speakers are positioned. Also, the curved front edges hold a purpose in that they provide maximum rigidity and minimum resonance, allowing for clear and high-quality audio at all volume levels. The DM-50D units are available in two colours, black or white.

  • Innovative Features
  • 2-Way Sound Mode
  • RCA, Mini Jack, TRS inputs
  • Front panel headphone socket
  • Front Volume Knob
  • Clever Design
  • 5-inch woofer
  • ¾-inch soft dome tweeter
  • New Class D amplifier
  • Redesigned DECO convex diffusers
  • Type: 2-way bass reflex, active monitor speakers


  • Amplifier type Class D with DSP
  • Amplifier output Lch: 25 W / 4 Ω, Rch: 25 W / 4 Ω
  • Input terminals (balanced input) 1/4” TRS jack x 1
  • Input terminals (unbalanced input) RCA pin jack x 1, 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack x 1
  • Input impedance 10 kΩ
  • Output terminal 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack x 1


  • Enclosure Bass reflex
  • Enclosure material MDF vinyl laminate
  • Woofer (LF driver) 5" (127 mm) fibreglass cones
  • Tweeter (HF driver) 3/4” (19 mm) soft dome
  • Power unit/other
  • Supported voltages AC 110 V — 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption 25 W
  • Power consumption during standby mode 0.3 W or less