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Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR 2-Channel All-In-One Rekordbox DJ System

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR 2-Channel All-In-One Rekordbox DJ System

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Pioneer DJ

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The Pioneer XDJ-RR is a brand new 2-channel all-in-one DJ system that runs using Pioneer’s proprietary Rekordbox DJ software and has been designed to help aspiring DJs learn essential and professional techniques so they can take their knowledge to the DJ booth with confidence. The XDJ-RR inherits a wealth of professional controls and functions from the flagship NXS2 range and loads them into a highly-portable, lightweight unit that is ideal for bedrooms, parties, and gigs as you progress through the DJ ranks.

Pioneer XDJ-RR First Look

There is a plethora of professional controls and functions which have been inherited from the flagship NXS2 range and allow you to learn a wealth of creative performance techniques. Each of the two decks are equipped with large jog wheels for scratching and moving through a track as well as extensive looping controls, a 60mm tempo fader for smoothly adjusting a track’s BPM, play/pause and cue buttons, and beat sync controls that allow you to synchronise your records to a specified master tempo or to the other decks current track’s BPM. Each deck is also equipped with four performance pads that allow you to access hot cues, beat loops, slip loops, and beat jumps which enable you to creatively chop and manipulate your music; using the shift function allows you to access an additional bank of hot cues and looping functions.

A middle mixer section offers all the necessary controls and functions you need to perform seamless mixes, and includes two-channels for you to mix between. Both channels on the XDJ-RR are equipped with a 3-band EQ which lets you smoothly blend frequencies together when harmonically mixing. When turned to the left the EQ pots lower a frequency band by -28dB, when turned left the EQ pots raise a frequency band’s volume by +6dB. The trim pots above the EQ controls allows you to adjust the overall level of a track if it is too quiet or loud and the channel VU level meters allow you to easily view when a level is overloading.

There are extensive effects integrated directly into the unit which do not require a laptop to work and allow you to screw and add spatial effects to your mixes. A sound colour FX section provides you with four effects including dub echo, filter, noise, and pitch with a dedicated rotary control on each channel to adjust the sound colour FX, while a beat FX provides you with three time-based effects: echo, reverb, and flanger. Using the channel selector, you can make the beat FX individually affect channel 1, channel 2, or the master channel while a level/depth control lets you smoothly dial in the effects into your mix.

At the top of the XDJ RR is a 7-inch full-colour screen which allows you to search through your digital music collection using a large rotary control and to load tracks into the two decks. The display also works to provide you with essential track information such as a waveform with playback position, a beat grid, BPM and key information, time elapsed and remaining, and hot cue markers. Dual USB ports let you access two USB drives simultaneously and are perfect for seamless DJ transitions while a USB port on the rear of the unit enables you to connect directly to a laptop or computer. To the left of the screen, you will find the input selectors which will allow you to choose any of the three input sources.

XDJ-RR Video Introduction

The DJ system is an entirely standalone unit meaning you do not need to use a laptop to perform full mixes, just analyse your music inside of the Rekordbox application and load your USB in to either of the dual USB ports. Once a USB is connected, all your tracks will be there for you to mix with, and thanks to the Rekordbox analysis all the tracks metadata. Alternatively, you can still use a laptop alongside the XDJ RR if needs be and a Rekordbox DJ license key is included with the unit, so you can seamlessly connect to the RR and use the unit as a controller.

The rear of the XDJRR standalone DJ system is fitted with stereo XLR outputs as well as a stereo RCA output which enables you to connect directly into a PA loudspeaker system or FOH mixer. There is also an auxiliary input that lets you connect an additional media player like the XDJ-700 or mobile device directly into the system, as well as a combo XLR/6.3mm TRS Jack microphone input. For the microphone input there is dedicated EQ controls and trim pot that sits at the top left of the system, and features a talk-over function that ducks the volume of your music when you are using the microphone. The front of the mixer features both 3.5mm and 6.3mm Jack headphone outputs so you can easily monitor your cue’d tracks no matter what type of headphone connector you have as well as a crossfader curve control.

  • Layout and features from club-standard NXS2 set-up: The XDJ-RR inherits its layout design and many of its performance controls, features and FX from our flagship CDJ-2000NXS2 professional multi player and DJM-900NXS2 professional mixer set-up. You can play rekordbox analysed tracks directly from USB storage drives or connect your PC/Mac to the XDJ-RR and use rekordbox dj – our professional performance application. You also have the option to use Link Export mode.
  • Dual USB-A ports: With the option to connect two USB drives at the same time, you can play back-to-back and be sure of seamless handovers between DJs.
  • 7-inch large screen: Browse and select tracks quickly and intuitively via the 7-inch large screen, using the GUI design and large rotary selector from the CDJ-2000NXS2 multi-player. Get a quick visual reference of track information such as playback position, BPM and waveforms for more accurate mixing and scratching.
  • Performance controls: Enhance your sets using dedicated controls for performance features.
  • Hot Cues: Mark various points in your tracks and instantly play from them by hitting the Hot Cue pads. Create live remixes by triggering Hot Cues in unique sequences.
  • Beat Loop: Loop a section of a track and the XDJ-RR automatically sets the loop-out point based on the BPM. You can chop up loops on the fly for even more creative performances.
  • Slip Loop: Switch on Slip Loop and tracks keep playing silently in the background when you’re scratching or using other performance features. Then, when you’re ready to drop the track back in, it plays from exactly the right place.
  • Beat Jump: Easily change the way a track develops by jumping backwards or forwards by the number of beats you choose.
  • Mixer section with professional FX: Perform smooth, precise mixes using the EQs and channel faders, which feature curves equal to those on the DJM-900NXS2 professional club mixer. You can spice up your sets with FX also inherited from the flagship mixer:
  • Beat FX: Change the sound in sync with the beat: Echo, Reverb, Flanger.
  • Sound Color FX: Add texture and tension by simply turning the knob: Filter, Noise, Dub Echo, Pitch.
  • Lightweight and portable: Take the XDJ-RR wherever you want to practise or perform thanks to its portable design. It’s compact and weighs just 5.2 kg – almost 4 kg (43%) less than the XDJ-RX2 – making it perfect for carrying to your next house party or gig.
  • Other features: All-in-one design enables simple and speedy set-up. Connect the XDJ-RR to a power source and your speakers or sound system, and you’re ready to perform. There’s no need for cables between the player and mixer sections.
  • External audio input: Play music from external sources or mobile devices thanks to the AUX input.
  • Link Export mode for rekordbox: Connect your laptop directly to the XDJ-RR with a single USB cable and play the tracks in your rekordbox library without exporting them to a USB drive.
  • Includes rekordbox dj licence key: Activate the rekordbox dj licence key (worth €139) bundled with the XDJ-RR to use our professional performance application. And, if you add the DDJ-XP1 DJ sub controller to your set-up (available separately), you can unleash even more of rekordbox dj’s features – for example, by using the 32 Performance Pads to trigger extra FX – and bring more creative flair to your performances.
  • Frequency characteristic: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (USB, AUX, MIC)
  • S/N ratio: 112dB (USB)
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.003% (USB)
  • Inputs: AUX x 1 (RCA), MIC x 1 (XLR & 1/4 inch TRS jack)
  • Outputs: MASTER 1 x 1 (XLR), MASTER 2 x 1 (RCA)
  • PHONES: x 2 (1/4 inch stereo phone jack x 1, 3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1)
  • USB: USB (Type A) x 2, USB (Type B) x 1
  • Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 625.0 x 388.5 x 74.2
  • Weight: 5.2 kg
  • Accessories: Power cord, AC adapter, USB cable, instruction manual (Quick start guide)
  • Warranty (listed on the back cover of instruction manual), Notice of license of software, rekordbox dj licence key card