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Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR All-in-One DJ Equipment Package

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR All-in-One DJ Equipment Package

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Pioneer DJ

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This complete Pioneer DJ equipment package offers all the gear needed for a full DJ setup and consists of an XDJ-RR 2-channel all-in-one standalone Rekordbox DJ system, two DM-40 4-inch loudspeakers, and a pair of HDJ-X5 headphones alongside all the cables required so you can get connected. This high-quality DJ equipment bundle is designed to give aspiring DJs all the essential DJ controls and functions, so you can step into the DJ booth with in-depth knowledge around all the basic and professional mixing techniques with the confidence to perform seamless DJ sets that are filled with creativity and flair.

Pioneer XDJ-RR

The Pioneer XDJ-RR is a 2-channel all-in-one standalone Rekordbox DJ system that comes equipped with a plethora of professional controls and functions which have been inherited from Pioneer’s flagship NXS2 series allowing you to seamlessly perform mixes that utilise a wealth of creative audio manipulation controls. The XDJ-RR DJ system is fitted with a large 7-inch display that enables you to navigate through your digital music library rapidly, the screen also works to provide you with essential track data such as time elapsed and remaining, BPM and key, a full waveform with hot cue markers, and beat grid information. Each deck is equipped with a large NXS2-style jog wheel alongside a 60mm tempo fader, play/pause and cue buttons, beat sync controls, extensive looping controls, and four performance pads that give you access to hot cues, slip rolls, beat jumps, and beat loops. The middle mixer section provides you with a 3-band EQ on both channels as well as a sound colour FX that provides you with noise, pitch, dub echo, and filter effects and uses a dedicated rotary pot underneath the EQ controls to manipulate the sound colour FX. An additional beat FX section provides you with three time-based effects that include reverb, echo, and a flanger effect and are controlled using a channel selector so you can choose which channel to affect and a level/depth control for dialling in the FX.

Pioneer DM-40

The Pioneer DM-40 loudspeakers come equipped with a 4-inch fibreglass woofer alongside a ¾-inch soft dome tweeter which both work in perfect harmony to deliver pristine audio with excellent sonic accuracy giving your home set up the best sounding audio possible. The DM-40 speakers have inherited Pioneer’s high-quality audio parts such as a front-loaded bass reflex system and DECO technology for a wider sweet spot from their S-DJX and Pro Audio range of speakers which have been combined into a compact design that is perfect for producing, DJing, or simply enjoying music at home. The front-loaded bass reflex system uses grooves on the air ducts to effectively reduce air friction so you’ll always get a tight bass response while DECO convex diffusers fitted in the ¾-inch tweeter work to disperse high-frequencies in every direction ensuring a 3D stereo sound and a wide sweet spot. The Class AB amplifiers work to deliver a super-crisp sound with minimal distortion and to make sure you get a well-balanced frequency response across the whole spectrum the tweeter and woofer are perfectly aligned; this also works to eliminate crossover completely.

Pioneer HDJ-CUE1

The Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 headphones let you hear your monitored tracks in the booth loudly and clearly and have been designed using feedback from some of the world’s top DJs as well as analysis of all the various styles of monitoring; this ensures the headphones have all the features necessary for performing solid DJ sets. The CUE1 ’s come with a high-quality audio design which has been inherited from Pioneer’s previous professional headphones so you can listen to distortion-free music even at high volumes wherever you are. A flexible design ensures the headphones are super comfortable and makes use of a swivel mechanism that allows you to wear the headphones for long periods without feeling fatigued while the heavy-duty construction which has passed US Military Standard Shock tests, as well as Pioneer’s own stringent stress tests, means the CUE1’s will be able to withstand the rigours of everyday on-stage use as well as the stresses of touring and severe conditions.

Pioneer XDJ-RR Key Features:

  • Layout and features from the club-standard NXS2 set-up
  • Dual USB-A ports:
  • 7-inch large screen:
  • Pro Mixer section with professional FX
  • Sound Colour FX
  • Beat FX
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Link Export mode for rekordbox
  • Performance controls Including Hot Cues, Beat Loop, Slip Loop, Beat Jump

Pioneer DM-40 Key Features:

  • Type: 2-way bass reflex, active monitor speakers
  • Tweeter: ¾-inch Soft Dome
  • Woofer: 4-inch Fiberglass
  • Inputs: 1 x Line (RCA), 1 x Line (Mini-jack)
  • Outputs: 1 Headphone Monitor (Mini-jack)
  • What's in the box: DM-40 x 2, Power cord, 2m speaker cable (for
  • left/right channel connection), Audio converter cable (3.5 mm stereo mini-plug to RCA), Bottom cushion x 8, Operating instructions

Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 Key Features:

  • Type: Closed, dynamic
  • Driver Units: 40mm dome type
  • Cord: 1.2m short coiled cable (1.8m extended length)
  • What's in the box: HDJ-CUE1, 1.2m Coiled cable (extended length 1.8m), 6.3mm stereo plug adapter (threaded type), Carry pouch

Pioneer XDJ-RR Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency characteristic: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (USB, AUX, MIC)
  • S/N ratio: 112dB (USB)
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.003% (USB)
  • Inputs: AUX x 1 (RCA), MIC x 1 (XLR & 1/4 inch TRS jack)
  • Outputs: MASTER 1 x 1 (XLR), MASTER 2 x 1 (RCA)
  • PHONES: x 2 (1/4 inch stereo phone jack x 1, 3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1)
  • USB: USB (Type A) x 2, USB (Type B) x 1
  • Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 625.0 x 388.5 x 74.2 
  • Weight: 5.2 kg
  • Accessories: Power cord, AC adapter, USB cable, instruction manual (Quick start guide)
  • Warranty (listed on the back cover of the instruction manual), Notice of license of software, rekordbox dj licence key card

Pioneer DM-40 Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions Left Channel: 146 x 227 x 223 mm
  • Dimensions Right Channel: 146 x 227 x 210 mm
  • Weight Left Channel: 2.7 kg
  • Weight Right Channel: 2.2 kg
  • Amplifier Output: Class A/B amp: 2 x 21W/4Ω
  • Frequency Range: 70 - 30000 Hz
  • Impedance: 10kΩ

Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 Technical Specifications:

  • Weight (without cord): 269g
  • Maximum Input Power: 2000mW
  • Output Sound Level: 102dB
  • Frequency Range: 5 - 30000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32Ω