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Reloop sMonitor Pad8 Pro

Reloop sMonitor Pad8 Pro

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The Reloop sMonitor Pad Pro is an absorber pad for monitor speakers, offering a firm foothold, and serves to disturb acoustic feedback and resonance frequencies when using them and furthermore improve the stability and sound characteristics of your speakers. Bass frequencies become more powerful whilst high and mids become more crisp and vibrant.

The sMonitor Pads are made from polymer foam, which serves brilliantly for great sound isolation, as well as an integrated metal plate that allows for firm stability. The sMonitor Pads are available in 5 inch and 8 inch sizes for the respectively sized speakers and offer a 5-degree inclination angle for ideal monitor positioning.

  • Absorber pad for all current 5'' monitor speakers
  • Made of polymer-foam boards (compressed foam plastic) and integrated metal plate
  • Enhances balancing characteristics of disturbing vibrations
  • Expands sound field and enables an outstanding sound spectrum
  • Clear acousitc pattern due to tightening of bass frequencies
  • Decouples vibrating surfaces
  • 5° inclined radiation angle for ideal monitoring position
  • Colour: black
  • Dimensions: 190 x 241 mm
  • Delivery without decoration