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Yamaha AG06 6-Channel Mixing Console

Yamaha AG06 6-Channel Mixing Console

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The Yamaha AG06 is a compact 6-channel mixing desk that is equipped with plenty of professional features and functions and enables you to record and playback high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz audio using ‘D-Pre’ studio-quality microphone pre-amps with high-gain and low-noise. The compact mixing console will let you record vocals and instruments seamlessly into your digital audio workstation and is perfect for podcasters and webcasters letting you turn your PC, Mac, and even iPad into a virtual radio station.

Yamaha AG06 Mixing Console

The AG06 features a super-quick and easy set-up process and is the perfect tool for ultra-quick, easy production of musical content for live streaming purposes or creating video or audio podcasts offline. The AG’s studio-quality sound works to give your content a professional edge allowing you to win over audiences and increase your fan base. A Loopback function enables you to broadcast all of the microphones, instruments, and other audio sources alongside background music from your PC/Mac/iPad.

Thanks to the addition of +48v phantom power you can connect to a wide range of microphones including professional-quality condenser microphones and direct injection boxes while the versatile Hi-Z instrument input allows you to connect to a wide range of instruments such as guitars, keyboards, and synthesizers. Each of the inputs is equipped with Yamaha’s studio-quality ‘D-Pre’ microphone preamps, which allow you to capture all the distinctive nuances of your vocals and instruments with high-resolution sound.

The AG06 comes with a 1-touch digital signal processor that works by utilising Yamaha’s state-of-the-art signal processing technology and offers COMP/EQ so you can focus your sound while EFFECT will add ambient reverb to your mix and AMP SIM works by giving you a classic, warm tube amplifier sound all at the touch of a button. This compact mixer is fitted with two combo XLR/¼-inch TRS Jack inputs as well as an RCA input and stereo ¼-inch TRS inputs for keyboards and synthesizers. There are two stereo outputs alongside a headphone output for easy monitoring of your signals.

The mixer can be powered via USB bus powering which eliminates the need for an external adaptor or can be driven by a mobile battery for use with iPad giving users a genuinely mobile audio interface. It is compatible with Apple’s second-generation iPad, or later so you can create high-quality recordings using iOS compatible music apps such as Cubasis; it must be noted an Apple iPad camera connection kit/lighting to USB camera adapter is required. Cubasis LE is the compact, streamlined version of Cubasis, a multi-touch sequencer designed especially for the iPad and makes recording editing and mixing audio a natural process with plenty of production-based tools at your disposal.

Also supplied with the AG06 is a download copy of Cubase AI, a digital audio workstation that condenses composing, recording, editing, and mixing functions based on the industry-standard Cubase music software so you can start making music and producing straight out of the box. This compact 6-channel mixer features a rugged metal chassis that has been designed for rigorous everyday use and is compact enough to be placed almost anywhere.

Yamaha AG06 6-Channel Mixing Console Key Features:

  • High-resolution (24-bit/192kHz) 2-track audio recording and playback
  • 'D-pre' studio quality microphone pre-amps with high-gain and low-noise
  • Easy control and professional sound with 1-touch compression/EQ, effect, and amp simulation
  • Flexible Loopback function - perfect for live recording or webcasting
  • +48v Phantom power on channel 1 input for condenser microphones and DI boxes 
  • Hi-Z input for guitars on channel 2
  • iPad (2 or later) connectivity via Apple iPad camera connection kit (requires external USB power supply)
  • USB bus-powered for Mac & PC
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • Includes Cubase AI downloadable version

Yamaha AG06 6-Channel Mixing Console Technical Specifications:

  • Phantom power: +48v 
  • Input channels: 2 mono, 2 stereo, 1 auxiliary
  • Output channels: 1 stereo, 1 monitor, 2 phones
  • Bus: 1 stereo bus
  • 26dB Pad attenuation
  • Peak LED turns on when signal reaches 3dB below clipping level
  • On-board processors: Channel 1 - compression/EQ, SPX reverb. Channel 2 - Amplifier simulation, SPX reverb
  • Level meter: 2 x 2 point LED meter
  • USB Audio: 2 in / 2 out, USB audio class 2.0 compliant
  • Sampling frequency: 192kHz
  • Bit depth: 24-bit
  • Power requirements: DC 5v, 500mA
  • Power consumption: Maximum 2.5w 
  • System requirements: Windows 7 or later/Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 155 x 63 x 202
  • Weight: 1Kg
  • Options: Foot switch
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C