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MSP3 Powered Studio Monitor Utility Speaker (Price Each)

MSP3 Powered Studio Monitor Utility Speaker (Price Each)

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An Ideal Reference Monitor for Music ProductionThe MSP series has become the new standard in reference monitors, and is now augmented by a new, compact member: the MSP3. Although compact in size, the MSP3 faithfully delivers the high-quality reference sound you expect from the MSP series, and is an ideal choice not only for the small private studio or post-production setup, but also as a monitor for electronic musical instruments or surround reproduction.Compact Size with High-quality MSP SoundThe MSP3 employs a two-way bass reflex design featuring a 10-cm woofer and a 2.2-cm tweeter. It also has a built-in power amp that`s optimized for the speaker units to ensure clear, natural reference sound. Although the built-in amp puts out a hefty 20 watts of power, the MSP3 weighs only 4.4 kilograms for easy portability and placement.Versatile Inputs and ControlsIn addition to an XLR connector that allows direct connection to a +4 dB mixer output or other professional equipment, the MSP3 provides phone jack and RCA jack connectors for convenient connection to electronic musical instruments or home audio equipment. It also provides a tone control that lets you optimize the sound for your monitoring environment, effectively compensating for anomalies caused by speaker placement or room resonance. The MSP3 is magnetically shielded to prevent interference with your monitor TV or computer, making it an ideal choice for post-production studios.Ceiling and Wall Mounting Options (Sold Separately)The bottom panel of the MSP3 has threaded holes that can be used to attach an optional bracket for ceiling or wall mounting. Another mounting option is the BMS-10A mic stand adaptor, which allows the MSP3 to be conveniently mounted on a standard microphone stand.Tech Spec:*Compact, two-way powered monitor designed for use in personal music production systems*Built-in 20-watt amplifier*Two Line inputs*Balanced XLR, balanced 1/4 inch jack TRS and unbalanced RCA jack inputs for versatile connectivity*High and Low tone controls for sound tailoring*Separate Line 1 and Line 2 level controls*Waveguide technology delivers broad, uniform dispersion of high frequencies for optimum*Magnetic shielding*Mic stand mountable with optional BMS10A Mic Stand Adapter*Excellent cost performance
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